If you think back to when you were a young student I bet your memories of homework will remind you of the homework your children still complete today. You would think homework has evolved over time and has emerged as an enriching entity for students. Sadly, in many classrooms this is not the case. Part of my MAT research focused on homework and, in particular, homework that met the needs of our 21st century students. I collaborated with phenomenal teachers of different grade levels from all across the country. The result is my homework philosophy. It is not perfect, because improvement is always an option. If you have any suggestions feel free to share!

Reading Tracker
Developing a passion for reading is really important at this age for students. I never enjoyed reading as a student, when I was forced to read books that bored me. Do your child, and you, a favor and purchase books that engage, excite, and consume your child. To develop a passion for reading the class will utilize Pizza Hut's Book It program (Come on, who doesn't love pizza?). Students can track their reading using the above website, Pizza Hut's Book It app, or a paper calendar I can send home.


Math will be assigned on most nights to further reinforce that day's lesson and skill/concept. Math is probably the most "traditional" type of homework I'll give, when it is from the Go Math program. It consists of 5-10 problem that correlate with the lesson of the day and usually 6 problems that consist of a spiral review from past lessons. I also want my students to explore apps, such as Educreations and IXL, to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding.

Spelling City Login
Spelling homework will utilize an assignment grid filled with differentiated activities students will choose to complete. Some of the options are technology based and use Spelling City, others are more kinesthetic and involve jumping rope as you spell each word, and yet others are more traditional with paper and pencil in their Spelling notebooks. Spelling homework is all about STUDENT CHOICE!

Vocabulary will also be practiced using Spelling City. Many of the same fun-filled games/activities the students use for spelling are also available for vocabulary.

We Enjoy Books (WEB)
WEB will be done completely through Google Classroom! My class last year was the first class to do this and they LOVED IT.

 Random Assignments
Yes, random assignments. Your child may have random homework during the week or even homework over the weekends (I know...how mean). However, their homework might be to eat dinner as a family, spend time with a sibling (without fighting), help their parents at home, clean the table after dinner, play outside with a neighbor, etc. These assignments are aimed to learn the importance of family, helping others, spending time outdoors, etc. 

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