Emergency Closing First Grade Activities

Emergency Closing

First Grade Activities


1. IXL- practice any first grade skills.
     Username: Firstnamelastinitial
     Password: mathe
 2. Journal Writing- answer the following question on a piece of paper.

What did you do on your snow day?   Draw a detailed picture.

3.Read a Story:
      Day 1: Create a Story Map (Setting, Characters, Plot)
     Day 2: What was your favorite part? Why?
     Day 3: Read your story to a pet, family member or stuffed animal. 
4. Math- Print addition/subtraction to 20 and practice.
5. Write a poem about snow or winter. 
6. Make a creation using Legos, paper, clay or other objects. Write 3 sentences about your creation using great adjectives. 
7. Use playing cards to enjoy math!  
8. Write a letter to your pen pal, friend or teacher. Tell them about your snow day. Don’t forget the date, greeting, body, closing and signature.