Fine Motor

FINE MOTOR skills are smallmovements of the hands that are used for everyday tasks, in every place youare.  Children use fine motor tasks fordressing, eating, school activities like writing, drawing, coloring, cutting,gluing, opening backpacks, containers, lockers, etc.  Delays in this area can impact all tasks of achild’s daily life. 

Children develop fine motorskills through play and activities.  Theyare facilitated and supported by being provided with appropriate toys andexperiences to develop their   

The small muscles of thehand are involved in fine motor skills. They require exercise and practice. 

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES:(similar list in OT Kindergarten Readiness)

Lite Brite                                                                 Windup toys

Spinning Tops/Jacks                                              K’Nex                        

Marbles                                                                  Legos                                    


Tongs (toaster tongs,strawberry                           Drawing/Coloring(broken crayons)

       hullers, kids chopsticks, tweezers)                 Cutting (straws, index cards,paper)

Clothespins                                                            Pushpins on cork board / bulletin board/pushing in and pulling out

Stringing beads                                                      Pegs/pegboards      

Play doh, model magic, clay; chalkboard

Anythingon an incline or vertical surface is great for fine motor development supportedby good wrist position.

Nuts and bolts                                                    Practice using acombination lock                       

Stamps/stamp pads                                           Open packages (showthe seem down the back and pinch)/zip        locks/fasteners

Magna doodle/Aqua Doodle                               Practice cutting straws/use holepunchers