Username: first initial and full last name (mwinters)
Password: student ID with an "s" in front (s12345)

You must use the following link when logging into IXL on a computer. https://www.ixl.com/signin/godwin

When logging in on the app on an iPad you must type your username and then @godwin (mwinters@godwin)

When you log into IXL any assigned skills will be highlighted. Students are expected to complete IXL in class during center time, free time, and at home.
IXL is a tool that can greatly improve student understanding and knowledge, but the student must put in the time and effort! 

The class will begin checking IXL on Monday mornings. The two top students who have improved their scores the most will receive fish to put into the fishbowl. The top 3 students with the highest scores in Math and LA at the end of the year will be invited to a special luncheon with me!!!