Godwin School: Code of Conduct


Godwin Schools’ Code of Conduct


The Midland Park School District believes that pupils should commit themselves to learning and to the development of their unique potential.  Pupils should know that their attitudes and acts affect both their own and their classmates' learning and should accept responsibility for helping to create a positive school environment. With the support and assistance of school staff members and parent (s) or legal guardian(s), all pupils can contribute to the effectiveness of the schools and the value of their education.


All students will:

  • Treat others with Kindness and Respect.

  • Be a Responsible citizen in my school.

  • Deal Honestly with people.  I will not deceive, cheat, or steal from them.

  • Cooperate at all times.

  • Have the Courage to say “NO” and resist harmful peer pressure.

  • Be Committed to uphold the beliefs and values of the school and community. 

  • Help to create a Positive School Climate

    In addition, students shall not:

  • Bully, tease, intimidate, or harass others.

  • Be disobedient to teachers or other school staff members.

  • Create disorder or disruptions on school grounds.

  • Use physical force against other pupils or staff members.

  • Steal, damage or deface school property or other pupils’ property.

  • Engage in the sexual and/or other harassment of pupils.

    These rules apply while on school premises, school buses or any other school property during school activities at or away from school, or off the school grounds if the situation is initiated at school. Students shall be given due process before a disciplinary action is taken.

A violation of any rule may result in disciplinary actions.


Disciplinary Actions


Parent Notification: A phone call will be made to the parents explaining the problem and the remediation previously sought.


Detention – Students who violate school regulations and procedures will be assigned a detention during recess, after the parent has been notified.  Individual teachers may assign detentions for problems they encounter with their classes with prior notification to the parent.



Refer to the Harassment, intimidation and bullying policy using the link below.  http://www.midlandparkschools.k12.nj.us/66710927113042460/lib/66710927113042460/_files/5000_Pupils.pdf

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