Principal's Message

March 22, 2021

Dear Godwin Families,


On Friday, the students and staff celebrated all of the ways that we have become like superheroes this past year.  Some of you may know that many superheroes start as normal people like you and me, who face a big challenge and find a way to overcome while making sure to help others along the way.  Superheroes make sacrifices and think of how they can do what is best for the greater good, and all of you have done just that.  Even when the world seemed to turn upside down, you all found a way to keep going.  The past year has been a big challenge in many ways, and I am so proud to say that everyone at Godwin School has shown amazing strength, patience, and respect along the way.  You are all heroes in my eyes and I am so happy to celebrate all of you! 


To further celebrate Superhero Day, the students also participated in a School Wide Virtual Assembly.  The assembly focused on our School Motto, Godwin PRIDE and how to do our Personal Best in school, at home, and with friends.   Second grade students shared ways they do their Personal Best as role models for the school community.  Help us by continuing the conversation at home and by displaying the Personal Best Poster.  Use it as starting point for discussing the trait and helping students realize all of the ways they do their Personal Best.  If time allows, fill out the Personal Best worksheet and return it to school.  There is no due date for this assignment, it is a follow up activity to reinforce our School Motto.  Throughout the remaining months of school, we will focus on each letter of Godwin PRIDE and create a home extension activity. 


Godwin Pride 


This Friday, March 26, 2021, marks the second annual International Social Emotional Learning (SEL) day.  To mark this event, the staff identified an area of concern related to SEL and Miss Christine Soderman will share read alouds addressing this concern.  Using the CASAL Standards, staff identified, Social Awareness as a concern for our students. 


The four main components of Social Awareness include:  

  • ¨Recognize and identify the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of others
  • ¨Demonstrate an awareness of the differences among individuals, groups and others’ cultural backgrounds
  • ¨Demonstrate an understanding of the need for mutual respect when viewpoints differ
  • ¨Demonstrate an awareness of the expectations for social interactions in a variety of settings


This topic of Social Awareness will continue to be addressed through lessons, read alouds, videos, etc.  We hope to help students understand that their behavior has an impact on others.  Children at this young age are egocentric, therefore they do not recognize how their behavior effects others.  It is through no fault of their own, it is part of growing up and learning how to interact with peers.  In a non-Covid world, we are able to address these concepts daily through partner/group work, discovery play time, lunch and recess, etc.  Since we are living and learning in a Covid world, we need to be more creative.  Discussions in school will continue to take place addressing all areas of SEL and we encourage you to do the same at home.  Thank you for partnering with the school to meet the growing needs of our students. 


Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the spring weather.



Danielle Bache













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